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Dreamgirl (6 Minutes)

"Dreamgirl" is a surreal queer short drama that tells the story of a gender-questioning reflecting on his identity while preparing for a first date. The line between romantic attraction and gender envy is blurred as they discover who they really are. 

Queer-Coded Robots


I found the BIONICLE action figures that I collected in childhood to be reminiscent of what the protagonist experiences. The main feature of the toys were the swappable "masks" that defined the characters. You could change the presentation of your characters with by simply swapping out parts. This concept resonated with me and giving the protagonist a BIONICLE to fidget with ended up being a huge part of the film. To reinforce this connection, the film is narrated by Andrew Jeffers, the actor who narrated the commercials and webisodes of the 2015-2016 BIONICLE reboot. Additionally, I got permission from Justin Luchter, composer of the 2001 BIONICLE Mata Nui Online Game, to use excerpts of his score in the film. The song "Turaga Vakama" by The Acid Flashback at Nightmare Beach is used in the film, the title and lyrics of which reference the BIONICLE character utilized in the film. 

A Unique Challenge

This film was created for my Production 1 Class as a film major at Boston University. The support and resources this gave me were very much appreciated. However, I took the class in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and masks, distance, and limited cast and crew had to be considered when conceiving a project. As such, masks end up serving as a motif as well as an important safety measure.


Final Reflection

I am a genderqueer individual in real life, and I made this film simply because I wanted a short to represent my personal experience. I believe I have succeeded in telling a story that is uniquely my own yet is one that I hope can resonate with LGBTQ+ individuals everywhere. 



The VOB Film Festival (Official Selection)

The Golden Hour Film Festival (Best Actor Runner-Up for Jack Hillebrecht, Apprentice Category)

Queer 2 Queer Film Festival (Official Selection)

Splice Film Festival (Official Selection)

Turnpike Film Festival (Official Selection)

The Shenandoah Youth Film Festival (Official Selection)

Internacional Queer Film Festival Playa del Carmen (Official Selection)

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